The Veterinary Department in Chipata kills 59 stray dogs

The Veterinary Department has eliminated about 59 stray dogs out of a target of 120 during the June dog elimination exercise this year in Chipata district.

Chipata District Veterinary Officer, David Mweemba confirmed to Breeze News that the department secured 120 bullets for each stray dog during the exercise.

Dr. Mweemba explained that the department could not manage to shot 120 stray dogs because some bullets were spoiled while some animals were killed using more than one bullet.

And Dr. Mweemba says the department did not work in collaboration with the local authority during the June dog elimination exercise.

He says despite the two departments carrying out similar tasks when it comes to stray dog elimination, there is a difference in the way they operate as the Veterinary department is only mandated to carry out the exercise in the cold season when dogs are mating to avoid high cases of dog bites.

He added that the department recorded 135 dog bites of which 116 people were taken to the hospital for treatment but not of them were reported to have contracted rabies.

Meanwhile, Chipata Municipal council Town Clerk, Davies Musenge says the local authority controls is under the dog and control act allowed to control the number of dogs and compel dog owners to have their pets registered but carries out the exercise at any time different from that of the veterinary department.

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