The Zambia Army in Eastern Province calls for unity among Zambians.

The Zambia Army in Eastern Province has called for unity among Zambians.
Assistant Warrant Officer Class Two, Inginitus Mununga also says that it is important for Zambians to reconcile.
Speaking during memorial parade for Freedom Fighters in the First and Second World Wars held in Chipata this morning, Assistant Warrant Officer, Mununga further called on youths to embrace peace.
The memorial parade saw Eastern Province Minister, Charles Banda leading heads of government departments, army, police and Zambia National Service officers and non-government organisations in laying wreaths at the 1940 building statue.
Meanwhile some freedom fighters have called on government to properly look after the heroes because they sacrificed a lot during the war.
Geshom Zulu who fought in the Second World War recalled how his colleagues died in the Second World War.

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