The Zambia Bureau of Standards clears the air on alleged Cargill fake fertilizer.

The Zambia Bureau of Standards says that the alleged fake fertilizer given to cotton farmers by Cargill in Chipata proved that it was not Compound D but a crop specific fertilizer.
This means that the fertilizer was only meant for cotton.
Mr. Mutale says that farmers, who had received the fertilizer, might have been told that the fertilizer was Compound D when it was not.
Mr. Mutale says that an analysis was done by the ZABS and the results showed that the insoluble matters on the fertilizer was very high, which made it not to meet the required standards for Compound D.
He added that the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium did not meet the requirements for Compound D fertilizer.
Mr. Mutale has appealed to cotton companies to be sensitising farmers, stating that some farmers might have used the same inputs on other crops.
He says this might have caused damage to the crops.

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