The Zambia Bureau of Standards establishes its presence in Eastern Province.

The Zambia Bureau of Standards, ZABS has for the first time established its presence in Eastern Province.
ZABS Managing Director, Manuel Mutale says that the two check points at Mwami and Chanida borders will be able to conduct imports quality monitoring skills to monitor all imports that come into Zambia.
Mr. Mutale says that the border offices will also be used as check points for domestic production to ensure that all domestic products are of standard quality.
Mr. Mutale added that ZABS will also be monitoring milling companies and opaque beer producers in the districts near the borders to ensure that the products meet the required standards.
He mentioned some of the imports that will be monitored at the border as vehicles, fertilizer as well as domestic products like soft drinks and beer.
Mr. Mutale says that his office will work hand in hand with ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority, at the two borders to ensure that all imports are checked before they are handed over to the Zambian side.

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