The Zambian Kwacha continues to depreciate against other convertible currencies.

The Zambia Kwacha has continued to depreciate against other convertible currencies.

A check by Breeze Business News yesterday found that the kwacha, which was last week trading at 6 Kwacha 20 Ngwee is now buying at 6 Kwacha 49 Ngwee and selling at 6 Kwacha 62 Ngwee.

The UK Pound is buying at 10 Kwacha 95 Ngwee and selling at 11 Kwacha 17 Ngwee.

The depreciating Kwacha has already pushed up the prices of fuel.

Meanwhile former banker, Philemon Nyirenda says that Zambia needs to increase its exports to save the kwacha from further depreciation.

Mr. Nyirenda has warned that if nothing is done to improve exports, Zambians should forget about the kwacha appreciating against other convertible currencies.

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