Thieves force teachers to abandon a school in Chipata district.

Teachers have abandoned Nyani Primary school in M’tenguleni area of Chipata district due to high cases of theft in the area.

Some Members of the PTA, Parents Teachers Association told Breeze News that only two volunteer teachers are staying within the school premises, while the rest including the head teacher are staying elsewhere.

They said this is despite the school having enough well-built houses for the teachers.

And Misozi Daka, who is the school PTA Treasurer, says this has affected the performance of pupils because they are being taught by different teachers as most teachers do not report for work on a daily basis.

Mrs. Daka explained that thieves used to break into teachers’ houses almost every day, stealing properties, a situation which scared the members of staff, forcing them to shift.

Mrs. Daka says parents have now resorted to contributing money to pay a guard but that this has not changed the situation.

Eastern Province Education Officer, Allan Lingambe could not be reached for a comment.

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