Thieves get away with 418 million Kwacha unrebased after breaking into Stanbic Bank Chipata Branch.

Thieves who broke into Stanbic Bank Chipata Branch stole more than 418.6 million Kwacha unrebased.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Grace Chipalila also confirmed that the three thieves gained entry into the bank through the roof.

She explained that the thieves used a cutter to break the asbestos roofing.

Ms. Chipalira explained that after entering the bank, they blew one of the metal doors to the store room using explosives.

The police commissioner says the police were still doing the investigations in order to bring the culprits to book.

Between the night of Wednesday and Thursday, thieves broke into Stanbic bank in Chipata, an incident which paralyzed operations at the bank.

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