Thirteen people have been arrested for trading in cannabis in Nabvutika Compound of Chipata district.

A combined team of Zambia Police and DEC, the Drug Enforcement Commission have arrested 13 people of Nabvutika Compound for trading in cannabis.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila confirmed this to journalists in Chipata this morning.

Ms. Chipalila says that the operation was conducted on Saturday.

The police regional chief explained that during the operation, 198 balls of cannabis were also confiscated from a house in Nabvutika.

Meanwhile, there was drama this morning at DEC offices in Chipata, as some people attempted to demonstrate over the arrest.

And Ms. Chipalila says that police have picked up seven people over this morning’s attempted demonstration.

She explained that all the arrested people will appear in court this afternoon.

Ms. Chipalila has warned that police in conjunction with DEC will not stop such operations and has appealed to the public to assist the police with information on people dealing in cannabis.

She emphasized that selling and smoking cannabis is not allowed in Zambia.


Meanwhile, Ms. Chipalila says that the police are planning to put up a permanent police station in Nabvutika Compound.

She says this will help to maintain law and order in the compound.

And Ms. Chipalila has dispelled the belief that Nabvutika Compound is a no go area for the police because of high crime.

She charged that like any other compound, Nabvutika is within Chipata where police have a mandate to maintain law and order.

And Ms. Chipalila says that police are still looking for a group of thieves, who are attacking Zambians of Asian origin.

She explained that over the weekend, the group attacked one of the businessmen, but did not steal anything, as they ran away after police were alerted.

Ms. Chipalila says that the group was armed with screw drivers and iron bars.

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