This year’s computer study exams not compulsory

This year’s computer study exams under the Ministry of General Education will not be compulsory.

Ministry Spokesperson, Hilary Chipango has confirmed to Breeze News stating that only pupils whose schools, have enough computers will be allowed to write.

Mr. Chipango says that to this effect, schools that are ready, have been asked to register for the exams to avoid what happened last year where some schools faced serious challenges to conduct the exams due to lack of computers.

He further says that the period for writing computer study exams has been spread to three days instead of one day, so that pupils have enough time to sit for the exams during the day.

And Mr. Chipango says that the Ministry of General Education has procured 6,000 computers, which are being distributed in different schools countrywide.

He says that this is to ensure that more schools are empowered with computers to facilitate computer studies in most schools.

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