Three cooperatives in Chipata dissolved

Three Chipata District Cooperative Unions have been dissolved due to their solidarity dysfunctions to pave way for an integrated one.

Chipata District Cooperative Inspector, Jonas Sikaona says the new cooperative will stand a better chance of success because of its oneness.

He says the former cooperatives faced many challenges because of their disintegrations in spite of having the same objectives which led to counter productivity in the district.

Mr. Sikaona explained that despite being a new body the cooperative will still abide by the objectives of the former cooperative.

He continued that the cooperative will resume their normal schedule as soon as the new board of directors is put in place.

Mr. Sikaona noted that inspite of some people having not yet accepted the situation at hand, the only way the cooperative is going to succeed is if stakeholders exercise their rights and fulfil their obligations.

The new consolidated cooperative that has been formed is called Chipata District Cooperative Union CDCU.

The three unions which have merged operated separately under the auspices of Eastern Cooperative Union ECU which members said was not effective in presenting the affairs of members in the district.

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