Three people arrested in Petauke for trafficking in cannabis.

The Drug Enforcement Commission, DEC has arrested three suspects from Mtilizi Farming Scheme in Petauke for unlawful cultivation and trafficking in cannabis.

Those arrested are Mabvuto Sakala, 28, a small-scale farmer for trafficking in 30.3 kilograms of cannabis, Lackson Sakala, 21, for trafficking in 25 kilograms of loose cannabis and 23.1 kilograms of dried cannabis plants.

The third is Masauso Lungu, 40, for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 12.1 kilograms

The trio appeared in the Petauke Magistrates Courts, where Mabvuto Sakala was sentenced to three years imprisonment with hard labour.

Lackson Sakala received three years imprisonment on first count and two years imprisonment on second count to run concurrently, while Masauso Lungu pleaded not guilty.

His case comes up for trial on 17th June, 2016.

Meanwhile, the commission has advised members of the public especially those in rural areas to be cautious in dealing with briefcase buyers, who may be carrying counterfeit money.

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