Three people involved in the 126,000 Kwacha Mount Meru Filling Station theft case in Chipata acquitted.

The 126,000 Kwacha Mount Meru filling station theft case yesterday took a twist after three people involved in the case were acquitted by the Chipata Magistrate Court.
Appearing before Magistrate, Fred Munsaka was Rosala Theresa Sandu 30, a manager at Mount Meru filling station in Chipata, Felix Muntaga 40, a Chief Inspector of police in Livingstone and Goldwin Inambao, 30 a taxi driver.

Facts of the offence are that the trio on July 20th 2015 whilst acting together in Chipata jointly faked a robbery and stole money amounting to 126,410 Kwacha belonging to Mount Meru Filling station.
The court heard from 65 year old Lawrence Stephen Mulengeshi, a Human Resource Manager at Mount Meru filling station in Lusaka that the company recovered the 126,410 Kwacha from the trio.
Mr. Mulengeshi told the court that his company was no longer interested in the case because it had recovered the money.
And state council, John Phiri appealed to magistrate Munsaka to withdraw the case as the complainant was no longer interested in going on with it.
Meanwhile Magistrate, Munsaka said that he had no reasons of holding on to the case and acquitted the trio.

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