Tobacco Board of Zambia tightens its system of registering tobacco vendors.

Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ has tightened its system of registering tobacco vendors.
Board member, Franklin Mwale says that TBZ will not register any vendor who is not directly involved in the production of the crop.
Mr. Mwale, who is also EFAZ Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia Board Chairperson, has told Breeze News that illegal vendors have taken advantage of the absence of TBZ staff in floors to buy and sell tobacco.
He says that TBZ has now employed more staff to ensure that all floors are properly managed to reduce illegal activities.
Meanwhile Mr. Mwale has advised all farmers whose dependence is on loan from tobacco sponsors that before signing any loan agreement they should understand what the contract agreements says.
Mr. Mwale says that it is saddening that some farmers have been taken to court or lost money because of not understanding the contract.

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