Tobacco farmers close Mgubudu floor in Chipata following misunderstanding with Tobacco Board of Zambia.

Some tobacco farmers in Chipata yesterday forced TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia to close Mgubudu floor.
The farmers belonging to some named Tobacco supporting companies were infuriated that only JTI is being allowed to buy tobacco from their farmers at the floor.
A Breeze FM reporter, who visited the floor, was told by the farmers that buying of tobacco by other companies was only done in one day after which TBZ ordered them to stop.
Speaking on behalf of other farmers, Morgan Phiri and Davison Mbewe said that the farmers agreed to force the TBZ worker to close the sheds until other companies are allowed to buy tobacco.
The farmers refused to accept that their companies were ordered to stop buying the produce due to poor buying prices and because the companies were buying in Kwacha instead of US dollar.
And when contacted for comment, TBZ Regional Inspector, Herod Siandula confirmed receiving a report on the farmers who forced a TBZ worker to close the sheds.
Mr. Sinadula however, explained that the farmers had been misinformed because the move taken by TBZ was in their best interest.
He said that TBZ discovered that the price list, which these companies were using, had anomalies, which needed to be corrected before they could resume buying.
Mr. Sinadula said that the companies will start buying tobacco Tuesday morning since they have corrected the anomalies.

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