Tobacco farmers spend nights in the cold waiting to sell their crop

Some farmers, who took their tobacco for sale at Chipata Main Floors, have had to spend nights in the cold, after TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia, temporarily stopped some companies from buying.
Some of the famers talked to from Mtaya, Chiparamba and Vubwi areas explained that they have been at the sheds since Monday.
They complained that their continued stay has led to accumulation of costs as they are spending money on food and other needs.
They said that yesterday, they were told that buying will only resume on Monday, when the sheds are cleared of tobacco.
The farmers explained that it is important for companies to communicate properly on when farmers can take their tobacco to the floors, instead of subjecting them to hardships.
And TBZ Regional Inspector, Harold Siandula explained that some companies were stopped from buying to ensure that mopping is properly done.
He explained that the companies made a mistake, as they allow more farmers to take tobacco to the floors compared to the amount they can buy per day.
Mr. Siandula assured that the board is doing everything possible to ensure that by Monday, buying resumes, and that a proper guide will be prepared to avoid the problem.

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