Tourist destinations in Mfuwe being managed from outside the country irk EPCCI.

The business community in Eastern Province has expressed concern with the Tourist destinations in Mfuwe being managed from outside Zambia.
Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI President, Thomas Mtonga observed that tourist destinations belonging to foreigners are being managed from their countries.
He says that by the time the tourists come into the country, they have already booked all the services they need with foreign owned tourist destinations operating in Zambia.
Mr. Mtonga says that such trends are putting local tourist operators at a disadvantage because the trading ground is not levelled.
He was speaking during a workshop organized by CCPC, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission targeting the business community.
And CCPC Acting Director Moses Musantu explained that such concerns have been raised before and that a task force with various stakeholders was constituted with the Ministry of Tourism in the lead.
He says that the issue is still under investigation.

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