Township road works in Petauke reach 70 per cent

The 129 million Kwacha project of upgrading township roads in Petauke district has reached 70 per cent.

Petauke district council secretary, Boyd Mboyi, told Breeze News that Sable Construction Company is working on about 19 kilometres of township roads, upgrading them to bituminous standard.

He, however, explained that Sable Construction Company has faced challenges with funding, which has led to the works moving at a slower pace.

Mr. Mboyi says that the project, which started in May 2015 is supposed to be completed by November, but this is highly unlikely.

However, he said the company has promised to work at a faster rate immediately the funding challenges are sorted out.

Mr. Mboyi says the local authority is happy with the quality of works being done so far.

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