Traders in Lundazi district are still using the old currency.

Traders in Lundazi district have continued to trade using the old currency.
A check by Breeze News at the market square in the district revealed that traders are still using old kwacha notes, among them 500 and 1000 kwacha notes.
One of the traders who spoke on condition of anonymity at Katambalale market told Breeze News that traders have resorted to trading using the old kwacha notes because of the shortage of coins in the district.
She says that the situation makes it difficult to trade with visitors from other districts as they refuse to be given the old currency as change.
And authorities from one of the banks in the district who refused to be named told Breeze News that people are not going to the Bank to change the old kwacha notes with the new one.
They also revealed that reports that there is a shortage of coins in the district are not true, indicating that coins amounting to 1000 Kwacha were offloaded on the market last week.

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