Traders in Petauke question the council’s plan to demolish their trading stands.

Marketeers selling second hand clothes at New Market in Petauke, have questioned the council’s plans to demolish their trading stands, before indicating, how the new stands will be constructed.
Naomi Chama, a trader at the market, said it is not fair for the council to grade the market area and demolish their trading places, before it even gives out a plan on how the new stands will be constructed.
She explained that marketeers are concerned that this may just be a clever way by the council, to chase the traders away from the market.
And Nyika Ward councilor, Kelvin Phiri explained that he held a meeting with the traders to discuss the council’s plans to put up new stands at the market.
He says that the traders rejected the move by the council to demolish the current stands, to pave way for new and modern ones.
Council secretary, Pathius Shunmba could not be reached for comment by news time.

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