Traders to pay more for using council toilets in Chipata

Chipata Municipal Council has increased toilet and bathing fees in markets.
The move has however, sparked complaints from traders at Saturday market.
Market Chairperson Peter Soko told Breeze News that the toilet and bathing fees were increased on 1st January 2016.
Mr Soko says previously, toilet fee was 1 Kwacha but the charge has been increased to 2 Kwacha while the bathing fee has been adjusted from 2 Kwacha to 4 Kwacha per person.
He says the council have increased the toilet and bathing fees in order to raise funds for maintaining the toilets.
Mr Soko explained that even if the fees have been increased, the toilets are not properly maintained.
He appealed to the council to ensure that the toilets and bathrooms are properly maintained since traders will now be paying more to use the facilities.
Three weeks ago, a report revealed that traders in some markets were using uncompleted buildings to answer the call of nature to avoid paying for using toilets.

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