Traffic officers in Chadiza accused of being unprofessional

Chief Zingalume of the Chewa people in Chadiza district has reiterated his call on traffic police officers to be professional in their work.

The traditional leader says that he has received a lot of reports from his subjects concerning some police officers harassing motorists.

Chief Zingalume says traffic police officers go round in villages to look for motorbikes and vehicles to impound.

Speaking during the 50th Anniversary for Chadiza Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, the traditional leader stated that he had decided to speak openly in the presence of Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo so that action can be taken.

He says that his subjects are poor people who cannot afford to pay the fines adding that they are no longer free with their properties.

Chief Zingalume appealed to Mr. Kasolo to caution the traffic police officers against being unprofessional while conducting their work.

Meanwhile the traditional leader called on the government to quickly work on roads in the district, which he says are in poor state.

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