Trained teachers to be issued with professional certificates before being allowed to start working.

The Ministry of Education has introduced a professional certificate that will be issued to all trained teachers before going into their practice.
This came to light during a sensitization meeting on the importance of the Teacher Professional Act organised by ZANEC in Chipata.
This means that no teacher will start practicing until he or she is issued with a professional certificate.
The certificate is renewable every three years after the date of issuance on condition that the teacher conducted himself according to the ethics contained in the teachers act.
However, anyone breaching the act will not be allowed to renew the certificate.
And Chimwemwe Organisation of Early Childhood Right Education Department, COPCRED Head of Education, Joyce Goma says that the professional teachers act will bring sanity in the teaching profession.
She explained that in the past, teachers were not concentrating on their work because there was no one to monitor what they were doing, which she says contributed to the poor performance of pupils.
Ms. Goma says the introduction of the professional teacher certificate will allow the Teaching Council to be monitoring the way teachers work and deal with anyone breaching the act.

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