Transporters question government bidding process

Transporters have questioned the system being used by the Ministry of Health to process bids under the 2016 IRS campaign project.

Speaking to Breeze News, the contractors alleged that they suspect that the project, which is specifically for Eastern Province could see contracts being given to Lusaka based transporters.

The Ministry of Health in August this year floated a tender for the provision of transport services for the 2016 Indoor Residual Spraying Project IRS.

But the transporters say that they have been told that their bids have been forwarded to Lusaka, where the final selection will be made.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the transporters wondered why a project meant for Eastern Province should be decided by people in Lusaka.

But Provincial Medical Officer, Abel Kabalo maintained that only local transporters will be picked for the program.

Dr. Kabalo says the Ministry of health has already informed the partners that only local transporters will be used despite the bidding process having been taken to Lusaka.

Dr. Kabalo says transporters should not worry because the program has not yet started until after next month.

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