Twenty-six year old Khoti Shawa is new Chief M’shawa the 5th, of the Ngoni people.

Twenty-six year old Zwelitini Khoti Shawa has been installed as Chief M’shawa the 5th, of the Ngoni people.
The M’shawa throne has been vacant for over ten years, following the death of the late Chief M’shawa four, Khoti M’cmillan Shawa in 2002.
Paramount Chief Mpezeni installed the new Chief yesterday at a colourful ceremony held at Mphondolo palace.
And Paramount Chief Mpezeni has urged people in Chief M’shawa’s area to respect the newly installed Chief despite his young age.
The Paramount Chief also called for unity and love among the people in Chipata district despite their different tribes.
Paramount Chief Mpezeni says that he is a loving leader, who cares for all his subjects and has greater respect for his people.
He advised Chief M’shawa to be a good servant to his people and address the issue of deforestation, which he said is a big challenge in the area.
And speaking at the same ceremony, Chipangali Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale says government attaches great importance to the culture and traditions of the country.
He says this can be evidenced by the creation of the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, which looks into issues concerning traditional leaders.
He advised traditional leaders to be custodians of the people and share the challenges that people face in their areas with government so that they can be attended to.

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