Two former cooperative leaders in trouble over money

Some members of Kwacha-Kwayera Cooperative in Chadiza district have threatened to take Nsadzu Ward Councillor Eustance Munyenyembe to court over alleged misappropriation of cooperative money.

According to a Secretary’s report presented at the Cooperative AGM this week, by the Secretary Judith Chitambala, Mr Munyenyembe collected about 8,900 Kwacha, money entrusted in his care the time when he was treasurer for the cooperative in 2013.

The report also revealed that the former cooperative chairperson Gerald Manda got 1,250 Kwacha from the treasurer without approval of other executive members.

The two are believed to have used the money for their private businesses and are struggling to pay back.

Mrs. Chitambala said Mr. Munyenyembe only managed to pay back 450 Kwacha while Mr Manda has not paid back any amount.

And members of the cooperative resolved that the duo pays back the money before December 31st, 2016, or risk being dragged to court for alleged embezzlement.

And Mr Munyenyembe and Mr Manda who was also present at the AGM asked for a little more time stating that they are doing everything possible to pay back the money.

They said that the will try to pay back the money before the agreed date.

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