Two hundred and two farmers staying on Farm D98 in Vubwi district face eviction.

A serious land wrangle has ensued in Vubwi district with 202 farmers and their families facing eviction from Farm D98.
The Farm, which was a scheme, owned by TBZ, the Tobacco Board of Zambia has allegedly been sold to a named senior government official.
Farmers, who settled on the farm in 1971, have vowed that they will not move and have asked government to investigate how the farm was sold.
A petition has since been signed by five representatives of the farmers asking provincial minister, Malozo Sichone to institute investigations.
The petition bares the names of Baidon Phiri chairperson, David Mwale vice chairperson, Japhet Phiri secretary, Philemon Sakala treasurer, Diamino Nkhoma and Charles Banda who are committee members.
Each of the 202 farmers is believed to own 30 acres of land on the farm.
The farmers also want TBZ to explain how the farm was sold without their consent.

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