Two men jailed three years for trafficking in psychotropic substances

Chadiza Magistrate Court has sentenced two men to 3 years imprisonment with hard labour for trafficking in psychotropic substances.

Before Magistrate Fred Musaka were Ignansio Phiri 39 and Donazio Banda both of Mwala Okhoma village Chief Zingalume who were jointly charged with one count of trafficking in psychotropic substances.

Facts before the Court are that Phiri and Banda on the 23rd of July in Chadiza, jointly and whilst acting together possessed 9.2 kilogrammes of marijuana contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The two are alleged to have been caught in Kapirimphika where they were insulting some people in that area.

Members of de Neighbourhood Watch apprehended the two men and found in their possession 9.2 kilogrammes of marijuana which was concealed in a bag and were later handed over to the police.

The two accepted the charge and in mitigation they pleaded with the court for lenience as they are all married with children.

But wen passing judgement Magistrate Musaka said the two had no right to smoke nor being in possession of marijuana adding that it is a very serious offence in Zambia.

He said that to deter them and others from committing the similar offence, the duo should serve 36 months imprisonment with hard labour, effective from the day of arrest

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