Two wagons out of 100 have arrived in Chipata district to be used on the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line.

After over 20 years of being dormant, the Chipata Mchinji railway line is only two months away from becoming operational.

This came to light when Zambia Railways Limited Director for Nacala, Vyonsi Manda, received the first two of a hundred wagons, which will be used to transport products on the Chipata Mchinji Railway Line.

Business in Chipata town temporarily came to a standstill as residents witnessed the entry of the wagons, which were transported from Kabwe district.

Mr Manda, told journalists that 50 wagons are expected to come in by March 15, and an additional 50 by May 31st this year.

He expressed happiness that the company was ahead of schedule as they had planned to operationalize the railway line in June.

Meanwhile, Eastern Chamber of Commerce and Trade Industry EPCCI President, Thomas Mtonga and one of the contractors engaged to work on the railway line, Ziyoudin Daya, both expressed happiness that the economy of the Eastern region will benefit greatly once the railway line is operationalized. 

Mr Mtonga added that the challenges faced by government in the prompt distribution of fertiliser, will become a thing of the past, once the railway line is in use.

He called on the business community in Eastern Province to maximise on the use of the railway line for importation and exportation of goods, adding that it will be a cheaper mode of transportation.




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