Two water projects worth over 90 million Euros completed in Chadiza and Nyimba districts.

Works of improving water supply in Chadiza and Nyimba districts have been completed.
Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Spokesperson, Henry Kashoki told Breeze News that the project has been handed over to the company and will soon be commissioned.
The over 90 million Euros two year projects in the two districts, were carried out by Plem Construction Company.
Mr. Kashoki says the completed works included rehabilitation of Dams, drilling of boreholes, laying of water pipes and installing water metres.
He says this has improved water supply hours in the two districts with Chadiza receiving water for 24 hours while customers in Nyimba are receiving water supply for 22 hours daily.
Mr. Kasoki says that similar works in Katete district are at 90 per cent and will be completed before the end of this year adding that the district is still receiving water for 6 hours only every day.
And Mr. Kashoki says the company has constructed VIP toilets for people in Chadiza, Katete and Nyimba districts.
He says Chadiza’s Kamwala area has benefited from 16 VIP toilets while Katentha area in Nyimba has 17. Katete district has 18.
Mr. Kashoki says this is in an effort to improve sanitation in the three districts, which do not have sewer system and residents are vulnerable to diarrhoea diseases.

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