Two workers at Kapata Clinic in Chipata clobbered.

Two workers, a guard and a health official from Kapata Clinic were on Thursday beaten by people who were trying to visit their sick relative.

Eastern Province Medical Officer, Abel Kabalo confirmed to Breeze News that some unruly people got violent and beat up the two workers after denying them entry into the wards.

Dr. Kabalo says it is unfortunate that people want to become violent on simple issues by deciding to take the law into their hands.

Dr. Kabalo says the beating up of health workers at Kapata Clinic is regrettable and should not be tolerated.

He described the behaviour as unruly because the people were supposed to ask for permission instead of beating up health workers.

He explained that health facilities are restricted places and people should follow visiting hours.

Dr. Kabalo says health workers deserve respect from members of the public as they conduct their duties.

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