Uncompleted and unused CDF pojects being vandalised

Some uncompleted and unused structures under CDF, Constituency Development Fund are reportedly now being vandalised by some members of the community.

Bernard Banda of Magazine Compound in Chipata district told Breeze News that pipes and a door for a toilet facility in the area have been badly vandalised.

He challenged the Chipata Central Constituency CDF committee to monitor the state of the structures.

And Chipata Central Constituency CDF Chairperson, Philemon Mwale, explained that it is difficult to check all projects due to lack of funds.

He explained that the committee is only able to check structures that are within town as the distances are walkable.

Mr. Mwale confirmed that the toilet facility in Magazine Compound has been vandalised and that his committee has engaged the council to come in and assist to repair the pipe and door that were damaged.

He also expressed disappointment that people in Magazine Compound allowed children to be playing near the facility, thereby burning one of the doors.

Mr. Mwale also said a number of projects have remained uncompleted and therefore, unused due to lack of funding.

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