Union wants better job positions for disabled people

Zambia Union for the Disabled has called on Government to consider promoting more people with disabilities to senior government positions.

President for Zambia Union for the Disabled, Pasco Mulenga says as the union is commemorating the third anniversary for the late President Michael Chilufya Sata, they are also analyzing the changes the disabled community has faced since the late presidents’ demise.

He says there are a lot of disabled people in Zambia who have the qualifications for more senior positions, but are not being considered for these positions because of their disabilities.

Mr. Mulenga adds that the late President Sata had put deliberate policies in place that benefitted people living with disabilities.

She says that it is therefore, saddening that since President Edgar Lungu was voted into office, no policies have been put in place to help people with disabilities.

He pointed out that even the loan scheme for people with disabilities that was started by the late president has not been taken up by the current government.

Mr. Mulenga complained that it is disappointing that the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions did not negotiate for allowances for people with disabilities who are working, and have challenges in moving from their homes to work places.

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