Unknown people chop off hand for albino in Chama

A 19 -year- old female albino of Chief Chikwa’s chiefdom in Chama District has had her right hand chopped off by unknown people.

Narrating her ordeal to ZANIS from Chama District Hospital yesterday, Miriam Kumwenda of Buyoyo Village said she got attacked last Saturday night.

Miriam said while asleep she heard a knock at the door and when she inquired who was knocking, a man who identified himself as a Mr. Nkhowani asked her to open.

She added that she ignored the knock but later her alleged attacker forced himself inside, closed her mouth with a cloth to avoid her screaming and later carried her into the bush.

Miriam said while in the bush other unknown persons appeared and started beating her up.

She added that the assailants then started cutting her left arm when one of them told his friends that it is the right hand that was needed and her left arm intact.

Miriam explained that they then started cutting the right hand and it was at this pointed when she was hit behind her head with an unknown object and lost consciousness.

She said the attackers thinking she had died left her, after which she regained her conscious adding that it was at this point that she started crying.

Miriam said her parents found her and later rushed her to a nearby health centre for medical attention while the attack was reported to police.

Police Commissioner Godwin Phiri could not be reached for a comment by broadcast time.

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