Unregistered brands of bottled water flood the market

Unregistered brands of bottled water have flooded the market.

And Zambia Bureau of Standards ZABS says that the quality of most of these unregistered brands is questionable and should not be sold.

ZABS Head of Marketing and Public Relations Hazel Zulu told Breeze News this morning that members of the public should not buy these unregistered brands from the streets.

Ms. Zulu says that bottled drinking water, packaged and distributed by unverified sources may pose a health risk to consumers.

She noted that ZABS has noticed with concern the increase in the number of people particularly on the streets and market places selling unregistered brands whose quality is definitely questionable.

Ms Zulu has alerted all consumers countrywide to be weary of such and insist on buying bottled drinking water and drinks from reliable sources who have valid licenses from ZABS.

She says that ZABS is aware that these unscrupulous people have taken advantage of the hot season to invade the streets around the country selling these products to unsuspecting consumers.

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