Unscrupulous people have invaded most parts of Lundazi district buying maize at exploitative prices.

The Zambia National Farmers Union ZNFU in Lundazi district has called on farmers not to rush into selling their maize to unscrupulous traders.
ZNFU District Chairperson, White Banda says that the farmers should exercise patience and wait until the official buying price is announced by government.
Mr. Banda’s call comes following reports of brief case buyers, who have invaded most parts of the district buying produce at exploitative prices.
And Mr. Banda revealed that Malawian brief case buyers have invaded Chief Mwasethembwe’s area where they are buying Soya Beans at One Kwacha eighty Ngwee per kilogramme.
Mr. Banda expressed worry that the farmers will fail to settle their Lima Credit Scheme loan especially for Soya Beans.
He further told Breeze News that farmers should exercise patience as two local companies and two foreign companies have expressed interest to buy Soya Beans at the better price in Lundazi district this marketing season.

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