UPND in Eastern Province wants Dr. Banda expelled.

The United Party for National Development, UPND in Eastern Province, has expressed dissatisfaction with the suspension of the party’s vice president for politics, Dr. Canicius Banda.

Provincial Chairperson, Paul Thole, says going by the conduct of Dr. Banda, he deserved an expulsion.

Mr. Thole says that Dr. Banda’s conduct where he went to the media to discuss internal matters, is uncalled for, as the UPND has laid down procedures of resolving internal differences.

And Mr. Thole says sentiments that the provincial leadership is betraying Dr. Banda because he is from Eastern Province are misplaced.

He explained that a wrong is a wrong regardless of the relationship between people.

And National chairperson for Youth for Sports Development, Michael Chuzu, says Dr. Banda was talked to on a number of occasions but continued issuing demeaning statements against the party.

He said that a party is more important than individuals and that it is not true that Dr. Banda has been suspended because of the rumours that he want to defect from the party.

Dr. Banda has indicated that he will only comment on his suspension when he receives the suspension letter from UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

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