UPND says government’s external debt is so high that donors are refusing to offer more debt.

United Party for National Development UPND Vice president, Dr. Canisius Banda has condemned government’s large borrowing.
Speaking on Political Hour Programme on Breeze FM this morning, Dr. Banda alleged that Zambia’s foreign debt is so high that some international financial institutions have started refusing to give government any more debt.
He charged that most projects in the country have stalled because government no longer has money to continue with these projects.
And Dr. Banda has appealed to people in Petauke Central and Malambo Constituencies to ensure that they vote for UNPD candidates in the June 30 parliamentary by-elections.
He says that UPND candidates will assist to improve the agriculture sector, access to safe and claen drinking water and ensure quick payment to farmers who sell maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.
And speaking during the same programme, UPND Provincial Chairperson, Paul Thole says that government still carries the blame for poor buying prices in the cotton and tobacco industries.
He says that only good government policies can facilitate good crop buying prices like the situation is in Malawi.
Meanwhile Msandile Ward Councilor, Josphat Million says that he is currently carrying out an assessment of what kind of development people need in his ward.
Mr. Million says that most of the time politicians make mistakes by imposing developmental projects, which local people are not interested in.

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