UPND wants Malawian traders that have flooded Chipata streets properly regulated.

The United Party for National Development UPND says that government should address the issue of Malawian traders of second hand shoes that have flooded the streets of Chipata.
UPND Deputy National Chairperson for Youth and Sports Development, Michael Chuzu says that government should investigate if the traders have documents to allow them do business in Zambia.
Mr. Chuzu told Breeze News that UPND is concerned that the Malawians are running Zambians out of business, when unemployment levels are high in the country.
And Chipata Municipal Council says that there is need for ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority to investigate if the traders of second hand shoes are paying any taxes, when importing shoes.
Town Clerk, Ekan Chigangu also stated the need to regulate the traders including Zambians, who are operating from shop corridors.
And some Malawian traders spoken to by Breeze News state that they do not enter the country illegally but have a six month temporary entry permit to visit six countries in the SADC, Southern Africa Development Community.
Patrick Mbewe and Joseph Nkhoma also explained that they obtain what is called a business visitation document, which is renewable after 30 days.

Mr. Mbewe and Mr. Nkhoma further explained that they were prompted to start doing their business in Zambia because foreigners, who order second hand shoes in Malawi including Zambians have assisted to push up the order price of second hand shoes in Malawi, making it difficult for them to trade in their country.

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