Vendors beat Saturday Market Master

Street vendors yesterday pounced on Saturday market master, Kainisha M’tonga following confusion that has ensued concerning trading spaces.

Market Vice Chairperson, Florida Lungu narrated to Breeze News that Mr. M’tonga was badly beaten by the street vendors near Chipata Golf Course.

Mrs. Lungu says the matter has not yet been reported to the police because Mr. M’tonga who was rescued by some people was nowhere to be seen and had stopped answering his mobile phone.

Mrs. Lungu says the vendors have been threatening to deal with the market committee members for allegedly failing to give them trading spaces despite having supported the council’s move to remove them from Umodzi Highway.

The Market Vice Chairperson says the issue of allocating trading spaces will now need Police officers and officials from the council to resolve it because the vendors have become violent.

She stated that there are enough spaces in the market but what the committee wants is the available spaces to be filled only by traders who had abandoned the stands and not those from other markets.

Some street vendors who have been removed from Umodzi Highway are now trading along Kalindawalo road.

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