Vendors bribe villagers to buy maize from Food Reserve Agency

Villagers in Kamimba Ward of Lundazi district are reportedly buying maize on behalf of vendors after being bribed with 15 Kwacha.
Speaking to Breeze News, some villagers revealed that since FRA, the Food Reserve Agency demands that anyone buying maize produces an NRC, National Registration Card, it has become difficult for vendors to buy the maize.
One of the villagers Luka Mwale says that the vendors in Kamimba ward of Chief Chikomeni have taken advantage of hunger situation in the area to lure people into surrendering their NRCs in exchange for money.
Mr Mwale says over 1,000 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize which FRA offloaded for the community of Chikomeni to buy is being bought by the vendors, who are reselling in neighbouring countries.
He has appealed to government to put measures of preventing the smuggling of the maize to Malawi.
Mr Mwale says FRA is selling 1 by 50 kg bag of maize at 80 kwacha to the people at Chikomeni depot adding that efforts to stop the community to desist from the practice has been ignored.

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