Veterinary Department constructs 45 dip tanks in Eastern Province

Government has constructed about 45 dip tanks in Eastern Province for animal dipping to prevent them from East Coast Fever.

Provincial Veterinary Officer, Arthur Mumbolomena confirmed this to Breeze News, stating that this is out of the 66 dip tanks that government is constructing in the province.

Dr. Mumbolomena says government realized that a lot of calves were dying of East coast fever and farmers opted to spray their animals with chemicals.

He however, says that the animals continued dying because spraying does not reach all parts of the animal.

Dr. Mumbolomena says the dip tanks are in Chadiza, Chipata, Mambwe, Katete, Petauke and Lundazi districts.

He however, says the challenge is with the contractor in Vubwi who has abandoned the works.

Dr. Mumbolomena has urged members of the community in areas were the dip tanks are being constructed not to vandalize the facility because government has spent a lot of money on the projects.

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