Vice president, Dr. Guy Scot’s effort to end misunderstandings in Eastern Province sparks further confusion.

Confusion has ensued in the Patriotic Front PF Party in the Eastern Province over a directive issued by vice president, Dr. Guy Scott to former Eastern Province Chairperson, Solomon Mbuzi to assist resolve inter party misunderstandings.

The confusion has been further aggravated by a circular issued by PF Deputy National Secretary, Bridget Atanga directing party committees to review suspensions slapped on erring members.

In a latest move, ambassador Mbuzi, through the Reconciliatory Tribunal Committee, has lifted all suspensions slapped on District and Constituency officials.

According to letters signed by ambassador Mbuzi, who is Committee Chairperson, he has lifted the suspensions using powers vested in him by republican vice president, Dr. Guy Scott.

The former ambassador to France says the decision was arrived at after meetings by the committee on January 28 and 30, in Chipata and Petauke Districts.

But PF Provincial Chairperson, Lameck Mangani says that Mr. Mbuzi does not have the constitutional right to lift the suspensions but can only advise the vice president on his findings concerning the misunderstandings.

Mr. Mangani told Breeze News that he had consulted high officials in the party, who have informed him that Mr. Mbuzi’s decision to lift the suspensions is null and void.

He says that he will constitute a team that will review the suspensions in Chipata and Petauke and make appropriate recommendations to the PF, National Central Committee.

Meanwhile when contacted for comment, PF Deputy National Secretary, Bridget Atanga expressed reluctance to state her position on the matter.

Mrs. Atanga said that she was not sure what instructions were given to Mr. Mbuzi by the vice president.


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