Vice President Inonge Wina has assured Zambians that the country will hold general elections next year.

Vice President Inonge Wina says government will respect the will of the Zambian people who chose to have presidential elections every five years.
Ms. Wina says President Edgar Lungu is not ready to abuse the Zambian constitution using his status as head of state.
The Vice President told parliament today that President Lungu was ready to go for elections next year, allaying fears that there were plans for him to rule for five years before the next general election is held.
She said the head of state will complete the term of office for late President Michael Sata who died in October last year and then go for elections.
Ms. Wina has assured the Zambian people that President Lungu was on track developing the country and carrying on the legacy of the late Mr. Sata.
And Ms. Wina has expressed sadness over two Zambians who have sought a court order to stop the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ from holding presidential elections in 2016.
Richard Mumba and Wright Musoma of Chibombo district in Central Province filed in a court petition and argued that President Lungu’s tenure will expire on 20th January 2020 and not next year.
She said the duo was allegedly being used by some people over President Lungu’s term of office.
She explained that even her just heard of the matter on radio and television and read about it in the newspapers.

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