Vice president Inonge Wina tells chiefs to foster national reconciliation

Government has urged chiefs in the country to be fostering national reconciliation among all Zambians.
Republican Vice President, Inonge Wina, says that this will help Zambians to co-exist regardless of political, religious, and ethnic affiliations.
Ms. Wina says that traditional leaders play an important role in maintaining peace in the country.
She said this yesterday at Mkaika Chewa Headquarters in Katete, during the Kulamba Ceremony.
Meanwhile, Ms. Wina says that government is aware of the need to improve the road network especially in rural areas.

She said that most roads are currently impassable, but emphasised that government is constructing roads in most parts of the country through the link Zambia 8000 project, which has created jobs for many Zambians.
The vice president also mentioned that in an effort to ensure that rural parts have access to power, government through REA, the Rural Electrician Authority, has taken power to four clinics in Katete district.
And Ms. Wina assured farmers in the province that the PF government will continue to support agriculture.
She explained that it is possible to eradicate poverty and attain household food security in rural areas through agriculture.
Ms. Wina also explained that government has taken up many projects in the education sector in order to improve the quality of education in the country.

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