Villagers in Chief Malama are reported abandon chiefdom due to lack of development

Chief Malama of the Kunda people in Mambwe district says that people have started leaving his area in preference to places that are seeing more development.
The traditional leader says that challenges such as lack of proper roads and difficulties in accessing safe drinking water, lack of job opportunities and low productivity in farming are forcing people to settle in other areas.
Chief Malama complained that despite several complaints, nothing has been done to upgrade the Mfuwe-Malama road.
He says that people have been facing several challenges due to the poor state of the road.
Chief Malama also called on government to suspend hurting safaris in his area in order to allow investors to put up lodges and create job opportunities to young people.
The traditional leader says that currently, people, who want to put lodges and initiate other developmental projects, face challenges because the area is a hunting block.
He observed that giving youths job opportunities will also help to reduce poaching activities.

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