Villagers in Chief Mshawa say the Chiefdom has been neglected

Some villagers in Chief Mshawa’s area in Chipata have alleged that their chiefdom has lagged behind in development compared to other chiefdoms in Chipangali Constituency.
Speaking to Breeze News, the villagers expressed shock that while some considerable development has taken place in other chiefdoms, their area has been neglected.
Chisoni Soko complained that the state of most roads were in a deplorable state, citing Mambato and a road leading to Mshawa clinic.
Mr. Soko alleged that Mulozi River and Chipembere stream have become death traps during the rainy season because of the poor state of bridges.
But when contacted for comment, Chipangali Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale dismissed statements that Chief Mshawa’s area has been neglected.
Mr. Mwale explained that all chiefdoms in the constituency had their own unique challenges, which are being addressed.
He revealed that ZNS, the Zambia National Service is expected to rehabilitate five roads in Chipangali and that some roads in Chief Mshawa’s area were among those to be worked on.

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