Villagers in Chiparamba call for investigations into drilled boreholes without hand pumps

Government has been called up on to probe a matter, where boreholes were drilled, but have not been fitted with hand pumps in Chiparamba area.
Simon Band and Daniel Phiri of Nyerere section complained that the boreholes were drilled a long time ago, but that people are still fetching water from shallow wells.
They wondered why the contractor has not returned to complete the project.
They expressed worry that the water problem will worsen because the shallow wells where people draw water from are drying up.
And Chiparamba Ward Councilor, Nowa Banda says that he is aware of boreholes that have no hand pumps in Nyerere, Kalima, Ndembela, Zambo and Zondola sections.
He explained that the project was affected after the CDF, Constituency Development Fund committee for Kasenengwa Constituency was dissolved.
However, Mr. Banda explained that the matter was reported to the council.

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