Villagers in Lundazi district fear construction of district hospital will displace them.

Villagers in Lundazi district have expressed mixed feelings regarding the construction of the district hospital.
While the villagers have welcomed government’s efforts in bringing the medical services closer to them, they expressed fear that they may have to be displaced to accommodate the infrastructure.
Meanwhile, the District Medical Officer, Dr Allan Chisenga, says that the land has been given to the ministry by Chief Mphamba and assured people that it is highly unlikely that the villagers living near the hospital would be displaced.
However, he says that there is one house that has been recently constructed next to the mortuary, which might be grabbed by the ministry, as it was constructed on land allocated to the hospital.
And District Commissioner, Janet Mvula, strongly condemned people encroaching on hospital land and appealed to the community to desist from working against government projects.
She described the action as primitive, and a sign that the community is underrating government’s efforts to bring about development.

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