Villagers in Nsingo Ward have no access to clean water

Villagers in Njalaniko village in Nsingo ward of Luangeni Constituency risk contracting diarrhoea diseases due to the dirty water they are using from Kafela stream.

One of the Indunas, Elias Banda, told Breeze News that the village has over fifty households accessing unclean water from Kafela stream.

Mr. Banda says the villagers rely on water from the stream because the area has no boreholes.

Mr. Banda says the water from Kafela stream is not safe to drink as it is contaminated.

He asked government and well-wishers to assist them drill some boreholes in the area.

And Luangeni Member of Parliament, Charles Zulu, who was in the area, says he is aware of the challenges people face to access safe drinking water.

He promised that boreholes will be drilled to reduce the challenge.

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