Villagers in Nthope Ward complain of being abandoned

Some people of Nthope Ward in Chipangali Constituency have complained that their elected leaders have not visited the area from the time they were elected into office.

Sadima Banda of Chief Chinunda’s area says that Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale and Ward Councillor, Tedson Maseko have not bothered to familiarise themselves with challenges which people are facing.

Mr. Banda says that the two political figures have not even bothered to hold a meeting in Nthope ward ever since they were elected.

Mr Banda says Nthope ward has a lot of issues that need attention like dilapidated roads, poor infrastructure and lack of clean water.

He pointed out that Mnukwa-Mnduwi road, Undi- Chinunda Palace road and Chiziye- Chanyumbu road are in a dilapidated state while bridges have been washed away.

Mr Banda says people in Nthope ward are worried whether they voted for right people that will bring development to the area or not.

And when contacted for comment, Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale has dismissed the complaints suggesting that he has never visited the area.

Mr. Mwale explained that last month, he visited the area to check on the impact of army worms and also attended a meeting in the same area, which was discussing health matters.

He says that people raising the concerns should be specific as to where they are coming from because it is not possible for him to visit every part of the ward.

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